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B&H Photo  A mammoth outlet for photographic equipment. Their prices are competitive. Even though I may not always buy from B&H, they are my first stop when new equipment is required.  
Bird Codes  Reference for accepted four-letter bird codes  
Digital Photography Review  Up to the minute news and reviews, especially those for Canon users.  
Google  Id be lost without it.  
The Luminous Landscape  A superb photographic site is particularly useful for new product reviews as well as learning in-camera and post-production techniques. The author is a talented landscape photographer who maintains great enthusiasm for his craft.  
NatureScapes  My favorite spot to post my photos for critique and to comment on images by other photographers.
Photo.net  A wealth of photographic material, some of which is highly opinionated. Image critique can be rough but is valuable. Many innovative photos are presented.
PhotoMigrations  Another excellent site for avian image critique.
Rob Galbraith Digital Photography Insights  The latest news in imaging is combined with excellent forums about all topics digital.

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